American Legion War Memorial Commission 1st Tuesdays

Eight District American Legion, 2nd Thursdays

Eight District American Legion Post Meetings

  • Post 198 Samuel Patterson Jr., 2nd Thursdays
  • Post 315 Bob Basker, 3rd Tuesdays
  • Post 384 Cathay, 2nd Saturdays
  • Post 448 Alexander Hamilton, Board 1st Saturdays
  • Post 448 Alexander Hamilton, 3rd Thursdays
  • Post 505 Cesar Chavez, 1st Wednesdays

AmVets 1st Saturdays

Daughters of the American Revolution Puerto de Oro Monthly, 1st Saturdays

Fleet Reserve 4th Saturdays

Marine Corps Veterans, 3rd Saturdays

Merchant Marine Veterans Bi-Monthly: 4th Saturdays Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec

Military of the Order Purple Heart Meeting. 3rd Saturdays

SF Vets Lions Club Monthly, 1st Wednesdays

Town Hall Meetings, 4th Wednesdays

Veterans For Peace, 3rd Tuesdays

Veterans Success Center: Employment Committee, 3rd Thursdays


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