World War 1 Centennial News: Financing War & Going Dry

September 21, 2018 – Episode #90

The 4th liberty bond drive goes into full swing to raise $6B just 50 days before the armistice

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Highlights: Financing War

  • Activities on the many fronts – Mike Shuster | @04:20
  • Meuse-Argonne opening days – Dr. Edward Lengel | @08:25
  • Financing War & going dry | @15:20
  • Farewell to David Shuey  | @22:00
  • Update on Armistice Centennial Events in DC | @23:35
  • Kentucky in WWI: Filson Historical Society – Jana Meyer & Jim Pritchard | @24:55
  • Utah in WWI: Utah WWI Centennial Commission – Valerie Jacobson | @31:35
  • Spotlight on the Media: Documentary on German Air Service – John Heinsen | @37:40
  • WWI WarTech: Blood transfusions | @44:45
  • Speaking WWI: Cooties (reprise) | @47:35
  • Dispatch Highlights  | @49:10
  • Buzz – The centennial in social media – Katherine Akey | @51:50

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World War One Then

Great War Project

America Emerges: Military Stories from WW1

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3rd Liberty Bond Drive – April 2018

2nd Liberty Bond Drive – October 2017

1st Liberty Bond Drive – June 2017

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WW1 War Tech

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The US World War One Centennial Commission

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Interview editing: Mac Nelsen and Tim Crowe

Research: JL Michaud

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