Veterans Gallery Exhibits, Room 102

Veterans Gallery: The Veterans Gallery, adjacent to the lobby of the Veterans Building, is managed by the American Legion War Memorial Commission. The Commission is dedicated to preserving and presenting historical artifacts and information related to our country’s wars and military service in an accessible and educational setting. Wars and military service are often mythologized in ways the obscure the horror of wars, and the lasting effects they have on the men and women who serve, the civilians caught up in them, and the environmental damage they inflict. The Veterans Gallery seeks to bring an honest and wide ranging series of temporary exhibits to these issues.

Current Exhibits: 2019


  •  Jan 20-Mar 13, 2020: Violins of Hope an exhibit of surviving instruments from the WWII extermination camp orchestras. Some instruments will be use in concerts around the Bay Area or in the Wisley Center, 4th Floor, Veterans Building
  • March – May 15 Waging Peace US Soldiers and Veterans who opposed America’s War in Vietnam. Hours TBA

To Be Announced

  • Filipino History Exhibit.
  • National Archives Vietnam Photographs Exhibit.


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