Room 212

Room 212

1,352 sq. ft.

Chairs 39
Dance Floor
Tables 11 4x
Window Shades

Seating Capacity
81   Meeting Style
170 Theater Style:
tables pushed to
the side.

Rooms 202C, 208 and 213H kitchens have a refrigerator, microwave, sink/counter, cabinets. Only Room 202C kitchen has a vented range for heating and cooking. We advise you to bring all the supplies you need for your activity. However, the kitchens do have a variety of serving utensils, platters, etc. which you can use, Please wash, dry and put them away before you leave. We do not have housekeeping staff support for your meetings. All furniture must be returned to this set-up.

Public WiFi: #SFWi

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