Room 221

Room 221

1,352 sq. ft.

35 Orange chairs
15 Black office chairs
6 large “Throne” chairs
Flag Cabinet
Podiums: Four
Two 28″x22″
Three 22″x22″
One 16’x4′ Conference
Four 6’x30″
Four 4’x30″
TV Monitor: 72″ with HDMI cable
Windows: Two w/shades

Seating Capacity
81   Meeting Style
100 Theater Style: tables
pushed to the side.
Conference table intact.


Access Room 221 through Room 213. Prep Kitchen Room 213I is just outside the door. There is a large conference table in the room which cannot be moved. All furniture must be returned to this set-up.

TV Monitor by arrangement.
Public WiFi: #SFWi

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