The IWW – The Industrial Workers of the World – was suspected of bombing a Chicago federal building on Sept. 5th, 1918

WW1 Centennial News  Highlights:

  • Labor Day, Unions, Sedition, Bombs, the Babe and Butte  | @ 02:00
  • Surging forward on the Western Front – Mike Shuster  | @ 11:45
  • Bio Special: Great War Channel – Indy Neidell  | @ 15:55
  • Commission News: Your ACE program launches  | @ 16:55
  • Michigan Commemorates WWI – Dennis Skupinski  | @ 22:50
  • Remembering WWI @ the Durham Museum – Jessica Brummer & Emma Sundberg  | @ 29:20
  • International Report: Gathering in Verdun  | @ 35:35
  • Education: Newsletter Issue #14 “Medicine & Shell Shock” comes out  | @ 37:00
  • WW1 WarTech: Thomas Splint  | @ 37:50
  • Speaking WW1: “Body Snatchers”  | @ 39:50
  • Articles & Posts: Dispatch Newsletter  | @ 41:35
  • The Buzz: Selected Centennial Social Media – Katherine Akey  | @ 44:00

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World War One Then

100 Years Ago–1919)

Great War Project

World War One Now

Commission News

Updates from the States

Remembering Veterans

International Report


WW1 War Tech

Speaking WW1

Articles and Posts

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WW1 Centennial News Video Podcast on iTunes

Weekly Dispatch Newsletter

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