WW1 Centennial News: August 1918 Overview

August 03, 2018 – Episode #83


The first American who set foot on German soil 11/12/18, the day after the Armistice was corporal Roy Holtz, US Army entering Germany riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and sidecar.

Highlights: August 1918 Overview 

  • August 1918 Preview Roundtable – Dr. Edward Lengel, Katherine Akey, Theo Mayer | @02:05
  • Great War Project Blog: Turning Point – Mike Shuster | @17:35
  • International Report 1: Commemorations in France | @21:55
  • International Report 2: The Moore Twins step up | @22:58
  • Remembering Veterans: Rechickenization of France – Tracy Robinson DAR | @25:00
  • Harley Davidson in WWI – Bill Jackson | @31:20
  • 100 Cities / 100 Memorials: Dunmore, PA – Jim Davenport & Louise McLafferty | @37:05
  • Speaking WWI: Stormtrooper | @43:00
  • WWI WarTech: Stainless Steel | @45:45
  • Articles & Posts: Dispatch Newsletter | @48:50
  • The Buzz: Commemoration in social media – Katherine Akey | @52:55

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PODCAST NOTES: Guest links and our research

World War One Then: August Roundtable

Dr. Edward Lengel, Host Theo Mayer, and Katherine Akey discuss the key events and themes of August 1918, including the pivotal Battle of Amiens.



Great War Project

As the Allied offensive barrels forward and German casualties mount, Berlin begins to recognize that the war is unwinnable.


World War One Now: Commission News

Commemoration season kicks into high gear in Europe, with events and reenactments scheduled in Britain and France






Remembering Veterans

Tracy Robinson joins us from the Daughters of the American Revolution to discuss the contributions of the DAR during the Great War.





Historian Corner

Bill Jackson, an archivist for Harley Davidson, joins us to tell the story of this iconic company and its motorcycles in the Great War.





100 Cities/100 Memorials

Jim Davenport, past president of the Rotary Club of Dunmore and owner of Dunmore Properties, and Louise McLafferty, retired director of the YMCA, join us to promote the new WW1 memorial in Lackawanna County, PA.


Speaking WW1

Our word for this week is Stormtrooper- no, George Lucas did not coin it!




WW1 War Tech

The subject for this week’s installment of War Tech is something we use everyday: Stainless Steel.



Articles and Posts

The highlights of this week’s weekly dispatch include: the American Society of Landscape Architecture on the approval of the Memorial design, a new Suffragettes-themed walking tour in DC, Humphrey Bogart in WW1, honoring Choctaw veterans in OK, and Doughboy MIA Corporal Clarence Hawkins. Also, check out our official merchandise!



The Buzz

Katherine Akey highlights our recent social media activity, including photos and articles of memorial dedications and re-dedications across America, and a WW1-themed Tuesday Trivia video from the US Army Center of Military History.






WW1 Centennial News Video Podcast on iTunes

Weekly Dispatch Newsletter


  1. I am looking for information on a William R Fisher that was killed in WW1 to see if it was ever published in the paper. He was from Oklahoma and killed in 1918 I believe. The archives sent me paper work that was in his file. A man that was with him and told of how he died. By the time his wife was notifed in 1920 I believe she had remarried and did not want his body returned and they could not find his father and his mother had passed away so he was buried in France. I am trying to find out information on a Theo F Robinson whom contacted the VA to see if he could request the body for burial in Oklahoma. They would not release the body because he was not family.

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