November 2, 2018 – Episode #96


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Highlights: November 1918 Overview

Host: Theo Mayer

  • Preview of podcast over the coming weeks | @00:20
  • November 1918 Overview – Dr. Edward Lengel, Katherine Akey, Theo Mayer  | @02:40
  • Maneuvering both military and diplomatic – Mike Shuster | @18:15
  • WWI WarTech: The Wristwatch – Host | @21:55
  • Commission News: The coming week of commemoration – Host | @24:30
  • Arlington County WWI Commemoration Task Force – Dr. Allison Finkelstein | @26:00
  • No Armistice from the flu – David Pietrusza | @34:45
  • 100 Cities / 100 Memorials’ effect on Arizona – Neil Urban | @42:30
  • Speaking WWI: Foxhole – Host | @49:05
  • The Buzz: Social Media selections – Katherine Akey | @50:35

PODCAST NOTES: Guest links and our research

World War One Then

November 1918 Overview

Great War Project

WW1 War Tech

World War One Now

Commission News

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Remembering Veterans

Historian Corner


Articles and Posts

The Buzz*NK-R


The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission

The Pritzker Military Museum & Library

The Starr Foundation


Producer & Host: Theo Mayer

Line Producer: Katherine Akey

Additional Scripting: Dr. Edward Lengel

Interview editing: Mac Nelsen and Tim Crowe

Research: JL Michaud

Intern: Rachel Hurt


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