Room 206

Room 206

36.75 x 35.5
1260 sq. ft.

Chairs 65
Flag 1
Podium (in Room 207)
Table Conference 1
Trash bins 2
TV Monitor: 72″
Window Shades

Seating Capacity
86   Meeting Style
186 Theater Style:
tables pushed to
the side.

Room 207 prep kitchen and Supply Room 208. You need to request access to these rooms that can be used/shared by activities both Room 210 and 206.
Room 208 prep kitchen sink, counter tops, cabinets, microwaves & a refrigerator.
Room 207 supply room has extra six tables, chairs, podium and a portable bar. All furniture must be returned to this set-up.

TV Monitor by arrangement.
Public WiFi: #SFWi