Not only were Americans asked to risk their lives fighting the war, the government needed its citizens to help finance the war—even children participated by purchasing War Savings Stamps. Average Americans bought war bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury and in return received repayment with interest at a future date.Millions of Americans purchased Liberty Bonds and donated to the Red Cross and other charities. Rallies were held in most towns and cities, and patriotic speeches were given by “4 Minute Men” and celebrities to encourage this support. No procurement was too small, including collections done by these women with baskets at right at one such rally.

World War One History In The Veterans Building

The Great War Revealed In San Francisco: 100 Years of Disruption From May’s Memorial Day weekend May 26-28 through the end of 2018, a unique and remarkable display consisting of eight 8-foot square banners can be viewed in the lobby outside of the Herbst Theatre and American Legion Veterans Hall in the War Memorial Veterans Building at 401 Van Ness […]

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