WW1 Centennial News: Picture This! Capturing WWI In Movies & Stills

July 20, 2018 Episode #81

WWI Centennial News: a weekly audio podcast recorded live audience at Noon Eastern every Wednesday.

Highlights: Picture This!

  • 100 Years Ago: From state militias to a huge standing army | @02:15
  • Great War Project: Gas by railroad – Mike Shuster | @11:55
  • America Emerges: Battle of Soisson – Dr. Edward Lengel | @15:50
  • Commission News: CFA Reviews Nat. WWI Memorial project | @22:50
  • Update from the States: Exhibit in Helena Arkansas – Drew Ulrich | @25:20
  • Spotlight on the Media: Waldo Pierce Goes to War – Corine Reiss | @30:30
  • 100 Cities / 100 Memorials: Yuma Arizona – Mayor Nichols & John Courtis | @35:25
  • WWI WarTech: Imaging in WWI | @41:45
  • Speaking WWI: Snapshot | @46:30
  • Articles & Posts: Weekly Dispatch | @48:00
  • Commemoration in Social Media – Katherine Akey | @50:40

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