Commmmorate & Remember World War 1
WW1 “Turning The Tide” stamp
Commemorative Cancellation
10am-3pm, Tuesday, October 2
11am Ceremony: Army, Marines & Navy
Lobby, Veterans Building
San Francisco

The Turning The Tide Stamp was issued this year to honor the centennial celebration of the end of World War One. This stamp, along with unique envelopes called cachets, will be offered during a special event for collectors, historians, the public and supporters of our military. Sale hours are from 10am until 4pm on Tuesday, 2 October, in the Lobby of San Francisco’s Veterans Building, 401 Van Ness Ave.

The cachets have eight different themes about America’s participation in World War One including U.S. Women, African-Americans, the U.S. Army, etc. Each cachet shows a collage of images including period posters and photos of men and women. Each cachet also tells a story about the role they played in helping to win the war.

There will be a short ceremony at 11:00 am. Please join us and help us remember and honor their memory.


The Cachet Envelopes

On back of each envelope

Lafayette, we are here spoken at the tomb of General Lafayette by Col. Charles E. Stanton, aide to American Expeditionary Forces commander John Pershing Staton, proclaimed that Americans have arrived to repay the debt owed to France for helping the United States become an independent nation.


Eleven campaigns and battles where one or more American divisions fought in The Great War: Seicheprey, Cantigny, Belleau Wood, Château-Thierry, Soissons, Aisne-Marne, Second Somme, Oise-Aisne, Second Lys, St. Mihiel, Muese-Argonne.


World War One cachets themes and stories.


A project of the World War One Armistice Centennial Commemoration Committee of San Francisco, 100 Cities Memorial,  The War Memorial Veterans Building.

For additional information, contact Ken Maley:

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